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Charlotte NC Dentist Office Technology

Digital technology has transformed the field of dentistry and enables our dental care team to offer the best possible patient experience and more predictable results.

Our team prides itself on providing modern, high-quality care to patients in the Charlotte, NC area. Learn more about the technology used in our office below.

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Technology at the Stewart Dental Group


During your first office visit, we will use a panoramic x-ray for proper diagnosis of the front and back teeth. The bite-wing x-ray series will be used to diagnose any decay in the back teeth. X-rays are best used to find cavities hiding between teeth and on tooth roots. X-ray films can also be used inside and outside the mouth to show different aspects of teeth.

Laser Cavity Detectors

These pen-like instruments can be used to diagnose hidden cavities. Laser cavity detectors shine a light onto teeth that are absorbed and reflected back to a sensor which shows a digital reading. A high number in digital reading means that there is more severe tooth decay.

Using laser tools can help detect cavities earlier than other methods and may even discover cavities that x-rays are not able to pick up. However, this method is used as an additional tool and is not the sole method used to diagnose cavities.

Tooth Whitening Using Deep Bleaching

At Stewart Dental Group, we use KOR whitening treatment for whitening teeth. This deep whitening solution utilizes custom-fit whitening trays and bleaching gel for even, consistent coverage. You should keep the whitening trays refrigerated to make sure that the active ingredient stays active and wear your whitening trays for around six to ten hours each night while you’re sleeping.

The whitening trays also seal out saliva, which can destroy peroxide, one of the active ingredients found in most tooth whitening gels. KOR also consists of treatment that’s both in the office and at your home. This solution may span several months, but it’s many steps above what you can get over the counter. Many patients have found that the KOR teeth whitening method minimizes tooth sensitivity while providing quality results.

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