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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bleeding Gums

Approximately half of all American adults over the age of 30 have periodontal disease, an infection affecting the gum tissue. Though the condition is prevalent, it can progress and cause significant structural damage to your teeth, including tooth loss.

A study from the Journal of Clinical Periodontology suggests that individuals with gum disease could be at a greater risk of suffering severe complications related to COVID-19. This is due to the link between inflammation in the gums and the body’s inflammatory response.

To protect both your smile and your overall wellbeing, you should continue seeing your dentist for routine cleanings and exams. Stewart Dental Group, a dental practice in Charlotte, NC, emphasizes the importance of regular periodontal screenings and seeking prompt treatment for concerns in your gums.

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Do I Have Gum Disease?

Gingivitis, the initial stage of periodontal disease, usually presents with symptoms like swelling, soreness, or bleeding in the gums. However, these issues may occur in acute scenarios, like brushing teeth too harshly. If the symptoms persist or worsen, you should let your dentist know.

In some instances, gum disease does not have any visible symptoms, and the patient may not notice they have this condition. This is why it is a good idea to continue visiting your dentist for routine dental exams and cleanings.

The dental professional can protect your gum health by removing excess plaque and bacteria from your smile. They can also spot signs of periodontal disease and provide swift treatment before it can cause major structural harm to your teeth. While advanced gum disease damage from periodontitis cannot be reversed, it can be managed.

How Will My Dentist Treat Periodontal Concerns?

If your dentist diagnoses you with gum disease, they will begin to treat the issue during that same appointment. They will thoroughly clean the area, including deep in the gum pocket. These targeted cleaning methods are known as scaling and root planing.

If the infection persists, they may recommend more intensive treatments such as flap surgery. Dentists can restore severe problems with a gum graft, a surgery where damaged tissue is replaced with healthy tissue taken from elsewhere in the mouth.

A dentist may also temporarily prescribe an antibiotic. For patients who are more prone to periodontal issues, dentists may suggest rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash to help balance natural bacteria in the mouth.

You can keep gum disease at bay by practicing proper oral hygiene. This entails flossing daily, brushing teeth twice each day, and attending your routine dental cleaning appointments.

Get Expert Gum Disease Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Stewart Dental Group treats gum disease and other dental concerns in patients in Charlotte, NC. Our practice specializes in restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry, including both preventative and emergency dental care, for patients of all ages. At our office, you can also find optimal tooth replacement solutions if you have suffered tooth loss. To schedule a consultation or appointment with our team, contact our staff by phone at 704.255.4256 or reach our office online.