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Avoid Dry Socket After Oral Surgery

A tooth extraction procedure can be used to remove an infected, decayed, or overcrowded tooth and improve oral health. Patients should take precautions during the healing process after this surgery to avoid a painful condition called dry socket.

Dry socket occurs when a blood clot that naturally forms over the surgical site during healing becomes dislodged. Stewart Dental Group, an expert dentist team in Charlotte, NC, describes three ways to avoid dry socket after a tooth extraction.

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Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

A primary aftercare guideline that dentists recommend after a tooth extraction is maintaining good oral hygiene practices. This ensures that plaque build-up is removed promptly to lower the risk of oral infections or other complications.

However, patients should brush their teeth carefully around the surgical site so that they do not disturb the blood clot and cause dry socket. Dentists may also suggest gently rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash to further sanitize the mouth.

Avoid Sucking Motions Through Mouth

The muscle movement combined with the flow of air in the mouth when performing a sucking motion can dislodge a blood clot from a tooth extraction site before it is healed. For this reason, you should avoid using a straw for at least one week after your oral surgery.

You should also avoid smoking while you are healing from a tooth extraction because the inhalation brings the same risks. It may be a good idea to cut back on smoking in the days leading up to your procedure to make it easier to abstain from the habit as you heal.

Eat Softer Foods

Your mouth may feel sore as anesthetics wear off. Soft-textured foods should be the easiest to eat while your mouth is healing. They are also an ideal choice because hard, sticky, and chewy foods can harm the blood clot and cause dry socket.

Yogurt and applesauce are prime examples of these foods. You may feel comfortable enough to try solid foods the day after your surgery, but you should revert to soft food if you experience any pain.

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